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    ZE Lingo for the Noob


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    ZE Lingo for the Noob

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:33 am

    ABM - Anti-ballistic Missle. The only thing that can destroy an IPM.
    Acc - Account: Your account. (NEVER give your account information out to anyone)
    ACSD/Depot - ACS Depot, allows players to use the ACS defend function on you, the higher the level the bigger the fleet that can defend you. (*Thank you Istalris*)
    BS - Battleships - Good attack ship used more often than not as they have large cargo space, heavy cannons and high speed.
    CR - Combat Report
    Cru/Crus - Cruiser - A ship used primarily in early to mid-early game stages to take out LFs and RL.
    Crys - Crystal
    Cycs/Cyclers/Recs/Recys: Recyclers - The ship used to recycle debris.
    DD - Destroyer *Thank you for this one Istalris*
    Deut - Deuterium
    Dest/Dessy - Destroyer - The king of the war ships.
    DF - Debris Field - The spot you target when you want to collect debris there. DF appear on the galaxy view near the attacked planet.
    DS - Death Star (also known as RIP) *Thank you Richardhjw for the list improvement*
    EP - Espionage Probe/Ship
    Esp - Espionage
    Flaming - to insult
    Fleetcrash - The act of attacking someone's fleet with the intent to kill off all his/her ships, turning them into debris field to be collected for profit
    Fleeter - Someone with a huge fleet size and power.
    FR - Fusion Reactor, produces energy, unlike the Solar Plant, this consumes Dueterium to work and it's output is increased with your Energy Technology level. (*Thank you Istalris*)
    Gal - Short term for Galaxy
    GLiRL - Good luck in real life: Usually written when a player is leaving the game.
    GLOTR - Good luck on the rebuild: Usually written when a player has been HoFed.
    Green Name - Weak Players
    HF - Heavy Fighters - Upgrade of an LF.
    HL - Heavy Laser
    HoF - Hall Of Fame
    IPM - Inter-planetary Missile - A weapon used in destruction of defense.
    IRN - Intergalactic Research Network *Thank you KarrothMelu*
    JG- Jump Gate, a moon building used to instantaneously transport ones fleet to a sister gate anywhere in the universe, without the use of fuel. Resources cannot be taken through the Jump Gate. (*Thank you Istalris*)
    LB - Lunar Base, used to expand the field count on a moon, similar to a terraformer. (*Thank you Istalris*)
    LC - Large Cargo Ships
    LF - Light Fighter - The weakest attack ship used in the game.
    LL - Light Laser
    Met - Metal
    MS/Silo - Missile Silo, stores ABM's and IPM's. (*Thank you Istalris*)
    Nani - Nanite factory
    Ninja - The act of surprising your attacker with counter attack at the very last few seconds, thus reversing the situation of a loss to a win.
    Noob - Someone who is new to something
    PM - Personal Message
    Probe - Espionage Ship *Thank you Istalris*
    PWN - Own spelled differently Smile. "Punish without negotiation"
    Raider - Someone who gains resources by farming or doing small fleet crashes [or some HoFs].
    Red Name - Strong Players
    Res - Resources - The game most important thing, Metal, Crystal and Deuterium.
    RF - Rapid Fire
    RIP - Deathstar
    RL - Real Life (more likely to be seen IRL for In Real Life).
    RL - Rocket Launcher - Basic defence system
    Sats - Sattelites, refers to Solar Satellites.
    SC - Small Cargo Ships
    Silo - Missle Silo
    SP - Solar Plant
    SS - Solar Sats
    TD - Total Damage - Usually found in HoF
    Techs - Technology/research
    Turtle - A player who builds up high levels of defense rather than attacking/raiding. Not a bad thing, just to some boring.
    WAS - Weapons, Armour, Shielding

    (b) - Banned - This is beside players who have broken rules and been locked from the game for a certain amount of time. Attackable!!
    (i) - Inactive- Player who has not logged in for 7 days.
    (iI) - Inactive - Player who has not logged in for 28 days.
    (n) - Newbie (low ranking)
    (s) - Superior or Stronger Player
    (v) - Vacation Mode- The account cant be played or attacked (except it seems you can be IPM'd hmmmm.)

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