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    How Rapid Fire Works


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    How Rapid Fire Works

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:56 pm

    New battle engine features RAPID FIRE!

    Most ships have the Rapid Fire feature. Simply put, while in combat, Rapid Fire is the ability of one unit to attack another unit multiple times in one turn.

    The Rapid Fire number, indicates an relative average of how many time the particular ship can attack the ship in question.
    For example, Battle Cruiser has rapid fire 7 to Battleship. This means it can attack up around 7 times in one round.
    The exact chance rate is: RF - 1 / RF In our example it is 7-1/7 = 0.85 which means 85% chance to attack one more time.

    Extra attack is randomly chosen against one of the ships listed in rapidfire. For example, Deathstar who has rapid fire with all other ships, will only attack multiple times one type of ships each round. Of course, the type of ships can change per round. For example, at round 1 it may attack battleships but in round 2 it may attack Light Fighters.

    The exact equation used to control the multiple hits in one round, has to do with the RF - 1 / RF that has been already mentioned. After each hit, there is a second check of the same nature. Only difference is that RF has been lowered by 1.

    Battle report is trying to inform you of multiple attacks. At this point, we feel it is better to summarize hits, therefore you will see the number of times fired, plus total damage. If no RAPID FIRE took place, the number fired will be 1.

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