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    How to Hunt For Enemy Fleets


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    How to Hunt For Enemy Fleets

    Post  Admin on Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:55 am


    ScoreBoard is pretty much just a shopping list. Hunters regularly keep an eye here for prey dumb enough to get caught here.


    Every Hour, Fleet Rankings are updated. Hunters regularly check fleet updates to check for fleets caught in updates. If there is a fleet of temptation down, the hunter will then search players name, try to get lucky that player was dumb enough to colonise all in one area with a Home planet search. If a hunter really wants your fleet, all your planets will be located, and probed. If Fleet is not seen, a good tip to where it could be, is planets with moons, or in area of best built planet used as a main base by most.

    Hunters are mobile, with free planet slots open to be able to move in closer for a kill for a faster and cheaper fuel cost strike

    Hunters will probe all planets and moons within their strike radius from all planets frequently for possible sightings of fleet to kill.

    Hunters have Sensor Phalanx built on all their moons, watching for Planet to planet launches

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