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    How to Hide From the Hunter


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    How to Hide From the Hunter

    Post  Admin on Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:05 am

    Find out what Server times for your time zone that Fleet Updates hit. Be aware of this and keep fleet in the air at these updates to keep your fleet hidden.

    Try to colonise away from hunters attack range of their main planets.

    Do not do any planet to planet missions to stay off of Sensor Phalanx. Always operate Fleets from moons.

    Keep your Fleet in the air at all times either in FS or on attack missions to avoid it being spotted. Even a little player thats no threat could spot it and pass on the info to bigger players.

    With Vacation mode as it is now. To keep your fleet points hidden, it it more logical to do a long FS if possible rather than v mode. V mode now forces you to give away Fleet points. A Death Star In your Fleet can help Keep fuel cost down for this, could be a very costly FS, however, if you wish to keep points hidden, do what you have to do

    Score Board is another way that Hunters look for targets to crash, stay off scoreboard, this is a bootable offense! In options, uncheck include on scoreboard and save

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