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    Deploying Recyclers


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    Deploying Recyclers

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:12 pm

    Recyclers Are needed to grab the DF of the fleet you have crashed. They are a ship you will have in numbers with your fleet.

    Here are a couple methods to use them.

    When you find a fleet to crash, battle simulate your fleet vs their fleet/defenses. add up the projected DF and divide by 20,000 to find the number of recyclers needed to grab the DF.

    How to Collect DF secs after crash with less time of your fleet showing on enemy overview

    1. In galaxy view of target, click outer space
    select number of recs continue
    set coords of planet, drop down change to DB continue
    recycle mission launch

    Here is where you need to pay attention, the next step is to find out the time to hit with main fleet, and time it to hit seconds before recs get to DF. If you mess this up, you will have to recall all ships

    Method 2

    Open up two windows of ZE up on browser

    1st window prepare your attack with main war ships and 1 recylcer with it continue to last page to launch and stop dont launch yet.

    2nd window with steps from method one, prepare recs to launch, on last page before launch stop

    go back to 1st page with main attack fleet, launch

    click 2nd window, launch recs

    this will put recs seconds behind attack fleet and DF will be picked up

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