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    Planets and Colonization Info

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:54 am

    You are allowed up to 11 Planets in Speed Universe. It is Highly recommended that you spread out to all galaxies for a better set up as a Fleeter. Putting all your colonies in one area makes you a easy target where a hunter would simply put a roamer planet next to you and cause havoc on your empire. Spread out, you have more targets to attack, and makes it harder for a superior Fleet to locate your fleet.

    300 Fields is the max building slots you can get in Speed Universe. Do not accept any planets less than 300. Abandon and keep trying. Planet slot 14 is known to give better planets more often than any other slot when colonising.

    Warm Planets:
    Warm planets are great for Solar power. When going for Gaviton Tech for the Death Star, you will need 300k energy. Best to find your warmest planet and build solar satellite

    Cold Planets:
    Cold Planets produce more dueterium other words go go juice for your ships. These planets are harder to power mines and will require a higher lvl of fusion to help power them. With high LVL Energy Tech, Fusion is not that bad at all as it was.

    How to Colonise

    In Galaxy Tab, find your location Galaxy and System, at bottom of screen, click Outer Space
    Select 1 colony ship, if distance is far away G1 to G9, add a cargo for speed(Fuel Cost) Continue
    type planet slot as 14 continue
    click colonise send

    Do not add resources to this mission, they will just simply be lost

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