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    Choosing Your Main Warship


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    Choosing Your Main Warship

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:39 pm

    There are 3 main warships you can build for your fleet. BattleShip, BattleCruiser, and Destroyer.

    Which is the best can vary person to person, But Ill give you my breakdown on these ships.

    What can you afford and support. Do not overbuild ships if you are unable to maintain them keeping them in the air

    Battle Ship
    Structure points 60.000
    Shield Strength 200
    Attack Points 1.000
    Cargo Capacity 1.500 Units
    Base Speed 10.000
    Fuel Consumption (Deuterium) 500

    Structure points 70.000
    Shield Strength 400
    Attack Points 700
    Cargo Capacity 750 Units
    Base Speed 10.000
    Fuel Consumption (Deuterium) 250

    Structure points 110.000
    Shield Strength 500
    Attack Points 2.000
    Cargo Capacity 2.000 Units
    Base Speed 5.000
    Fuel Consumption (Deuterium) 1.000

    My opinion Battlecruiser is the way to build for the cheapest fuel bill is how I look at this, ships in numbers win. BC pwn BS, Dessies pwn both. However fuel wise you can support 4 BC to one dessie, battle simmed thats a tie when even WSA. In the end, you can support way more BC than anyother main warship in numbers and numbers make a difference.BS have better cargo, but if your like me and just want the fleet dont need cargo with LC follow ups and recs to get DF

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