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    Espionage: Getting Intel


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    Espionage: Getting Intel

    Post  Admin on Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:17 am

    Espionage Ships and Tech are Vital for gaining Intel on targets. It is Imperative to put resources into Espionage Tech for the best intel. Research espionage and in options, you are able to set a higher number of probes sent to get better intel on targets.

    Make it habit to only attack after seeing a full Espionage Report of the target Which would show all research techs. which would look like this:

    Raw Materials XXXXX [X:XXX:X] at 28-12-2010 07:07:42
    Metal 184.686 Crystal 85.786
    Deuterium 42.252 Energy 47.886
    Large Cargo Ship 20 Solar Satellite 1250
    Rocket Launcher 513 Light Laser 2221
    Heavy Laser 10 Ion Cannon 52
    Small Shield Dome 1 Large Shield Dome 1
    Metal Mine 22 Crystal Mine 20
    Deuterium Synthesizer 19 Solar Plant 23
    Fusion Reactor 8 Robot Factory 10
    Nanite Factory 3 Ship Yard 12
    Metal Storage 3 Crystal Storage 3
    Deuterium Tank 2 Research Lab 12
    Espionage Technology 7 Computer Technology 10
    Weapons Technology 10 Shield Technology 8
    Armor Technology 9 Energy Technology 10
    Hyperspace Technology 6 Combustion Engine 10
    Impulse Engine 7 Hyperspace Engine 7
    Laser Technology 12 Ion Technology 6
    Plasma Technology 4 Expedition Technology 3



    On a active Player, always, always safety Probe to do your best to avoid being ninja'ed. What I do is open up 2 other tabs of the game. One tab with messages page up, and 3rd with Fleet tab for recall up. Before my attack Fleet hits I probe leaving myself just enough time to get a probe in, click to messages to glance at new report for any changes, and if any, 3rd tab is ready to click to hit recall. A good habit to learn and practice that could save your fleet from crashing.

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