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    Importance of Moons


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    Importance of Moons

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:23 am

    Moons are vital for players that Fleet. Operating from moons keeps your fleet off of Sensor Phalanx that are constructed on moons to spy on planets for fleet movements, and Keeps signs of activity off your planet in Galaxy View (15 min) (*) etc.....Always Operate Fleet from moons!

    Alot of Fleet can be very costly to manage. Jump gates can be constructed on moons that allow you to instantly move all your ships to another moon with a jump gate at no fuel cost. However, resources cannot be taken through jump gates, you will need LC to transport your fuel to new fleet locations. Dont forget to build Lunar Base when you are at your last build field, like terra formers, Lunar Bases gives you more fields for building more buildings

    How to get Moons:

    Once you have good defenses on your planets, you can request from alliance members for Moon Shots (MS) A member will build 50 BS or any other ship in a number that its DF (Debris Field) created is 1.8 mill for a chance to obtain a moon, and attack you!

    Moon Creation:

    Moons are created when a large Debris Field (DF) is made outside your planet... each time you are attacked there is a 1 - 19% chance that you will get a moon. The chance of getting a moon is raised with every 100k resources in the DF. For example if there was 400k metal and 100k crystal in a DF than there would be a 5% chance of getting a moon. If there was 1 million metal and 800k crystal in a DF there would be a 18% chance of obtaining the moon. Any DF larger that 1.9 million resources still has only an 19% chance.

    Its is important to maintain and help others keep Moons for all planets when fleet is involved. Do not fleet without Moons, chances are you will be crashed from a lanx hit. Fleet Save (FS) later topic, moons are vital for FS to properly protect your ships

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