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    The Art of Fleet Saving


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    The Art of Fleet Saving

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:16 pm

    Fleet saving is the most Important strategy in the game you need to learn if you are a ship builder.Here is how to Fleet save:

    Send your fleet on a mission to another members moon, or a inactive moon set at a speed to return when you will be online. This Keeps your ships safe from attack while you are away. It is Best to Fleet save from your moon to another moon. Moon Missions are invisible to Sensor Phalanx, used by the enemy to track your fleets movement. For enemy to track you with your fleet save as such, they would have to pop your moon, and pop the moon that you are fleet saving to. Dont be predictable with your fleet, be mobile and able to move anywhere from G1 to G9.

    If you Fleet, you must find another member to trade moon shots with. Moons are Vital to your fleet safety, and only launch fleets from your moons to stay undetected.

    Remember, when you set the speed, mins or hours seen is one way trip, so times by 2 for actual return time.

    Death Star is a great ship to have at least one in your fleet for FS. Death Stars are slow, thus slowing down your fleet, using less Fuel, and less distance needed for FS

    Any further questions ask! this is very Important, and all in alliance need to be masters of it!

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